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16/6/18 - CPD event: Do be my enemy, for friendship's sake


A presentation and discussion of research into the
similarities and differences between humanistic and psychodynamic approaches

With Dr Mary Lister Ashby

How do a group of psychodynamic and humanistic
practitioners who work alongside each other differ in their
approach to their clinical work?

Background to the research project and a presentation of the
findings arising from the discussion of the three clinical
concepts therapeutic alliance, transference and containment.

Power dynamics, theoretical language & therapy relationship

We will discuss these three themes which were identified from a
thematic analysis of the discussions.We will also look at how the
research confirms the relevance of the unconscious processes within the organisation under study.

£65 (£50 WCP trainees)

To book, contact or call 01373 453355

*payment is required at time of booking; no refunds can be given for cancellation 7 days before the event