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Infant Observation Seminars

New Infant Observation Seminar invites applicants from current trainees or graduates. Held at Fairfield House, Frome, BA11 1BH, WCP is very pleased to offer a seminar series to accompany an infant observation experience. The seminar meets weekly for 30 weeks per annum to accompany a weekly observation of a mother and baby in their family environment from birth to 18 months for one hour a week. It was D.W. Winnicott who famously said, “there is no such thing as a baby…a baby cannot exist alone, but is essentially part of a relationship” (1964:88). An infant observation experience provides an opportunity to observe and reflect upon this in depth. Infant observation is recognised as an essential component of much psychotherapeutic training and is a potentially enriching experience for all involved. This is as true for the participant who seeks to undertake a period of infant observation in anticipation of further psychotherapy or clinical doctorate training, or to foster deeper understanding about the earliest relationship and the development of the individual, psychological processes and the psyche. For the psychodynamic counsellor or psychotherapist this is invaluable to our own experience within the consulting room.Each participant will find their own mother and baby couple but some help will be given with this.For those participants choosing to write a final paper there will be an additional charge.The paper is not a requirement of participation. The seminar series will be CPD and WCS accredited.Seminars take place on a Tuesday evening at Fairfield House, King Street, BA11 1BH and are led by Jake Spencer, an experienced child psychotherapist with significant experience of working with children and families in the NHS, educational and voluntary sector settings. Application details: Please email Sue Lee, Head of Training, briefly setting out your experience and qualifications and why you would like to participate in the seminars.Cost: £25 per seminar payable annually in advance or by monthly installments. All participants will be enhanced police checked at no extra cost.